A Large Problem
BPH affects over 500 million aging men worldwide including an estimated fifty percent (50%) of men over 50, and eighty percent (80%) of men over 80.
What is BPH? 
BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA "BPH" is a non-cancerous urological disease in which the prostate enlarges and constricts the urethra which restricts normal urine flow and bladder emptying.
Pharmaceutical Therapy
For Mild to Moderate symptoms medication is often the first-line therapy. The most common medications are Proscar® and Flomax®.
Pharmaceutical Side Effects
Medications require daily doses. Side effects such as sexual dysfunction, dizziness and headaches which result in over 25% of patients discontinuing medications within 3 months.
Surgical Procedures
Most surgical approaches are delivered up the urethra to resect or ablate the urethra and prostate tissue to "open up the blocked urethra". Most common are TURP and LASER.
The current "Gold Standard" procedure delivers a resectoscope up the urethra to remove the urethra and bulk prostate tissue to create a larger pathway for urine to pass. The side effects are significant.

About Us

What We Do
UroTech, Inc. has developed an innovative minimally invasive medical device to treat the millions of men suffering from BPH. In addition the company has also developed unique technology designed for the Kidney Stone market.
How We Do It
With decades of medical device experience. Understanding what works effectively from previous medical devices, and harvesting that knowledge with exceptional vision, allows us to find new surgical applications with large market opportunities.


Michael Todd
Chief Executive and Chairman

20 Years of medical device experience with leading global medical device companies. Boston Scientific, Philips Medical Systems and Alcon Surgical.
Robert Reiter, M.D., M.B.A.
Medical Advisory Board

Professor of Urology & Director of Research UCLA School of Medicine, and entrepeneur.
Roy Chin
Strategic Consultant, Medical Device Engineer

Medical device entrepreneur & previous CEO and founder of SpineView Corp.
David Amor, MSBE, CQA
Vice President Regulatory and Quality

Named a top 40 under 40 medical device innovator 2012.
Ole Mikkelsen
Strategic Consultant and Founder

Experienced medical device executive: Previous VP of Amgen, Mentor, Johnson & Johnson and current Chief Information Officer of Accuray Corp.
Dean Ditto
Chief Financial Officer

Previous CFO of Karl Storz Edoscopy - America.
Mike Martin
VP of Engineering

20 years experience in R&D and Product Development at leading technology companies such as Canon, Hewlett Packard, and Alcon Laboratories.

Mission Statement

Innovating new medical devices by delivering proven medical device engineering to new surgical applications with large market opportunities such as BPH (enlarged prostate market estimated at 500 million men globally).

Contact Us

Reach us at info@urotechsurgical.com

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